About Buygoon

Cash Back Shopping...Reinvented.

Buygoon was inspired by the question “What’s your social network really worth?” and a quest to find a way for people to make a little (or a lot!) extra money, simply and easily, with online shopping.

Isn’t it about time? We believe that earning money from the internet and social networks shouldn’t be reserved to big tech companies.

Buygoon empowers people… anyone… everyone… YOU.

We realized your social network can be very valuable, to YOU …when you combine it with the power of Buygoon’s patent pending online shopping platform that combines brand name retailers, cash back rewards, and social networks, with the online shopping that people are already naturally doing.

We’re all about friends, trusted influencers, making referrals, saving money and generating cash back commissions from online shopping, whether or not you personally spend money shopping.

Social networks drive the online world. Your social network can drive online shopping that can make you money.

Of course you can save money when you shop online with our coupons, deals and cash back. And saving money is great.

But as you know, “saving” is not the same as “earning”.

Buygoon is more than just savings.

With Buygoon, you actually earn and get paid commissions whenever anyone in your Buygoon network shops online and earns themselves cash back. You don’t even have to personally shop to get paid.

And as if that weren’t good enough, we empower you, and hopefully inspire you, to maximize your commission earnings by sharing your online shopping victories and discoveries with your network.

Whether you grab a great pair of shoes, find that dream vacation, or think of that perfect gift idea, you naturally often share those with your friends and other followers. Why not earn a commission when you share and they buy? Makes sense to us!

Only Buygoon brings that rewarding experience to you and your network of friends and followers.

Share because it makes you feel good.

Or do it as a hobby. Or make it your home business and hopefully say goodbye to your 9 to 5.

Whatever your motivation, we aim for you to have the most rewarding and exciting shopping and sharing experiences in your online world.

We know… you might be thinking Buygoon is really just too good to be true. Check it out for yourself and you’ll be convinced we’re the real deal.

Thank you for joining us at Buygoon. We wish you unlimited enjoyment and success.