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About Buygoon

Because you can earn money in the huge online shopping industry, without spending a penny to do it.

Buygoon permits you to save money, when you want to shop online. And of course, "saving" is a good thing. But no matter how good saving money is, it is not as good as "earning" money.

So Buygoon created a way for you to actually earn money utilizing your social network and Buygoon's cash back deals, coupons and sales.

We are a unique online retailer that lets you both save and earn money with online shopping!

You save money while shopping with our great deals, coupons and cash back.

You earn money by getting paid cash commissions whenever anyone in your network shops on Buygoon and earns cash back. Depending on how large you grow your network, you could get paid commissions on the cash back earned by potentially thousands of people in your network that shop online with us.

And since our model is patent pending, you won't find our exclusive savings and earnings combination anywhere else.

With deals, coupons & sales: Our retailer partners offer Buygoon coupons, special deals and sales on almost a daily basis, that we pass along to you. When you click on a retailer's advertisement on Buygoon, you click through to that retailer, shop directly on their website and enjoy the deal, coupon or sale offered by that retailer.

With cash back: In addition to saving with deals, coupons and sales, Buygoon partners with various brand name retailers that pay us cash back when you click through Buygoon to make a qualifying purchase on those retailers' websites. We split that cash back with you 50/50. Retailers set the amount of cash back, which can range from 1% to 40% of what you spend shopping with them. The amount of cash back offered by a retailer is shown with our advertisers' or products' logos. And while the percentage of cash back varies across different retailers and their products, we always share ½ of the cash back we receive with you.

And yes, to be clear, we pay the cash back in addition to the deal, coupon or sale you enjoyed with the retailer.

Buygoon will pay you 10% of the cash back earned by ALL of the people in your downstream network. For instance, if someone in your network earns $120 cash back on their purchase, you earn a $12 commission. It's that simple.

Read below to see how you could be earning 10% commission on thousands of online shoppers!

Definitely. We partner with a vast number of brand name retailers and hundreds of others.

Simply join Buygoon (it's free!) and sign in. Then click your desired retailer logo or advertisement shown on our site. You will be navigated in a new browser window to that retailer's website, to shop and pay directly on their website, just like you otherwise normally do.

Simply log in to your Buygoon account, browse by retailer or category, or use our search bar to find the retailer or product you want.

When you find the retailer or product advertisement you want, click it and you will be redirected onto the retailer's own website where you shop and pay the retailer like you normally would.

We offer a great variety of quality retailers with excellent goods and services and work daily to expand our list of retail partners. If you would like to recommend a store not currently on Buygoon, simply click Contact Us and tell us. We will do everything we can to add your store.

Signing up With Buygoon

No. Our membership is totally free, and there are no monthly charges or minimum spending requirements either!

Simply enter your email address and choose a password on the sign up page.

If you received an email or link from your friend, click that link or post, which will take you to Buygoon’s sign up page. If someone told you about Buygoon, but you didn't use their personal link, we encourage you to enter their email address as your Referring Friend when you sign up.

To benefit yourself and your friend. The whole point of Buygoon is for friends, and friends of friends, to expand their network to maximize their cash back commission potential while enjoying and sharing great products and deals.

If you receive a custom link from your friend (which you will also be able to generate and send to your friends once you sign up) you should use it, so our custom software can automatically place you in your friend's network.

There is nothing to be gained by not entering your friend’s email. If you do not enter an email of a friend that is a current member of Buygoon, our system will randomly enter you in the network under an existing Buygoon member.

Your Downstream Network & Commissions

Simply refer your friends and tell them to refer their friends, and their friends, and so on and so on. You can send your friends your unique Buygoon referral link by email, or post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social network accounts, or to your newsletter, blog or website. Alternatively, simply ask your friends to enter your email address as the Referring Friend when they sign up.

When signed in to your account, in the top right navigation bar, click on My Account > My Network > Share To Earn . You will see the various ways you can share your referral link. The link will look like this: https://www.buygoon.com/r/XXXXXX , where XXXXXX is your unique personal referral code.

It could be huge. We don’t limit how big your network can grow. It could contain thousands of people earning you cash back commissions. It depends on how many friends you refer and how many friends your downstream network refers.

You can invite as many friends as you want. Then tell your friends to pass it on to all their friends, to pass on, and so on.

Buygoon’s proprietary software will trace your downstream network of referred members up to 4 layers of separation from you. That means you will earn a 10% commission on all the cash back earned by your referrals, their referrals, their referrals and their referrals. Please be aware that Buygoon has a strict anti-spam policy.

As just one example of how huge your network could grow by you inviting only a few people, let’s assume 10 of your referred friends join Buygoon, and they all refer 10 of their friends, and so on. If that happens, your downstream network would contain 11,110 people earning you cash back commissions when they shop online with Buygoon!

Here’s how it works:

You refer 10 friends. These 10 referrals make up your 1st network layer .

Then each of your 10 1st network layer members refers 10 new friends. These 100 referrals make up your 2nd network layer .

Then each of your 100 2nd network layer members refers 10 new friends. These 1,000 referrals make up your 3rd network layer .

Then each of your 1,000 3rd network layer members refers 10 new friends. These 10,000 referrals make up your 4th network layer .

So, your Total Downstream Network is the sum of all the members in all 4 of your network layers, which totals 11,110 downstream network members!!

If you have a social network, website, blog, newsletter, App or email list, then you likely have many friends you can invite to join Buygoon. Read above how only 10 friend referrals could grow into a network of 11,110 people. If you have dozens, hundreds or thousands of friends to refer to Buygoon, your network could grow amazingly large. All of those people in your downstream network will generate commissions for you on the cash back they earn while shopping online at Buygoon.

Buygoon lets you seamlessly and conveniently integrate reward-based shopping, which should help you to build follower loyalty and your cash back commission revenue. You can motivate greater downstream network shopping, and increase your cash back commission potential, if you share the deals, coupons and sales we offer, with all of your referrals and suggest that they share, and so on.

Yes. Whether you are a charity or other non-profit fund raising organization, once you have joined Buygoon, distributing your unique referral link to your members can be a powerful way to raise funds, because when they all sign up with your link, they will enter your downstream network, and you will earn a commission on all the cash back they earn shopping online.

Alternatively, if you are a person looking for ways to be charitable, you can of course withdraw your cash back to your PayPal account and then donate it to your chosen charity.

Read above about how large your downstream network can grow and how we can help grow your fund raising with rewards-based shopping.

Cash Back, Reports & Payments

When signed in to your account, in the top right navigation bar, click on My Account > My Rebates in the drop down menu. It will show you your total cash available for withdrawal and the amount of cash back still pending, both from your own shopping and from your downstream network’s shopping.

Initially all your cash back remains in pending status. Total Cash Pending are those transactions that we have tracked as valid and have been acknowledged by retailers, but are still within the retailer’s return or cancellation period and therefore cannot yet be paid out to you. Once the return or cancellation period of your purchase is over, the retailer should pay us in the next monthly payment cycle and your cash should be available for withdrawal. You will then see the amount in the Total Cash Available for Withdrawal section.

Timing of cash back payment varies from retailer to retailer. Cash back will generally be calculated on a monthly basis and then be available for withdrawal by you from your Buygoon Account page via PayPal. Exactly when cash back will be available will depend on when our retail partners actually pay us on your purchase. Those retailers will usually wait for their full product return or cancellation period to expire before they pay us, which is usually 30 to 120 days after your purchase. Please note that we can only share the cash back we actually receive from the retailer, once we actually receive it.

Buygoon has partnered with PayPal to make withdrawal of your cash rewards both convenient and secure. Once a retailer pays us the cash back on your purchase, we make it available to you in your Buygoon account. When you want to withdraw the cash, simply click the button to initiate payment from Buygoon to your PayPal account. The payment is processed according to PayPal’s payment policy, but you should receive the money into your PayPal account within 7-10 days. All cash back payments are generated in Canadian dollars. Any PayPal charges, including things like currency exchange charges, will be applied by PayPal to your account according to their standard policies.

No! You can leave cash in your Buygoon account as long as you wish.

Yes, so long as the retailer you purchase from will ship to your location outside of the U.S. and Canada. Please check the given retailer’s sales policy.

Unfortunately not. You must visit the retailer by clicking through from a link on Buygoon in order to earn cash back. It is the only way the retailer can track your purchase and calculate the commission. When the retailer finalizes the transaction, it will pay Buygoon cash back, which Buygoon shares with you.

No. Ultimately, exchanges, returns and cancellations are subject to the policy of the retailer from which you made your purchase. If you return or cancel a purchase, Buygoon will not be credited cash back and we can therefore have nothing to pay to you. If we have received the cash back before your cancellation or return, we will have to refund the retailer and then reverse the cash back amount from your account.

Exchanges will usually also reverse cash back rewards. In such a case, the retailer will usually cancel the original product order and replace it with a new one, which does not respect the referral link from Buygoon, and therefore, will not credit us cash back. To avoid losing cash back on an exchange, we recommend you return the product for a refund and make a new purchase transaction via Buygoon.


If you would like to inquire about a transaction, please wait at least 48 hours and send us a message via Contact Us, including all the transaction details (i.e. date, time, retailer, order number, amount of each purchase, total purchase before tax and shipping). Please be sure to print and keep all of your shopping receipts and order number confirmations provided by our retailers. We will endeavour to follow up with the retailer to get your missing cash back. While most purchases are processed by retailers and reported to us within 24-48 hours, some retailers may take a month or more to report a transaction. We will not be able to process and display your rebates until/unless the retailer reports to us.

We do our best to follow up with our retail partners, but cash back inquiries with them can take up to 3 months to resolve. Please recall, that our compensation also depends on your shopping transactions being properly tracked and rewarded, so you can rest assured that we are as motivated as you to chase cash back from retailers.

Our retailer partners have sole discretion in determining the validity of and resolving each cash back inquiry. We will do our best to help resolve your cash back inquiry favourably, but in some cases it may be declined. Unfortunately, once a retailer rejects a cash back inquiry, its decision is final.

Although rare, a retailer may fail to track a transaction. Some of the most common reasons a purchase may not be tracked properly by a retailer are: (i) you did not sign in to your Buygoon account and click through one of our advertisements; (ii) you did not comply with the terms and conditions listed on our website and/or the retailer's website; (iii) cookies were disabled on your computer; (iv) another website was awarded the cash back commission; (v) a product voucher code or gift code not authorized by our website was used; (vi) the purchase was returned or cancelled; (vii) the purchase was exchanged or the order was amended; (viii) the purchase was not completed wholly online; (ix) the product is excluded from cash back by the retailer; or (x) the retailer has ceased business.

  • (i) Log into your Buygoon account and click through one of our links each time you make a purchase and complete your full purchase before you browse to another website;
  • (ii) Do not click through Buygoon to one of our retailers, and then browse another website, and then return to the retailer to make a second purchase, as your second purchase may not earn a cash back reward;
  • (iii) If you use multiple windows on your browser, ensure the window in which you shop at the retailer opened from a Buygoon link;
  • (iv) Permanently allow cookies, JavaScript and third party images in your browser settings;
  • (v) Disable page caching on your browser so that it always opens the newest version of Buygoon and retailer webpages;
  • (vi) Turn off "content blocking" on your browser;
  • (vii) Do not type in a retailer name at the top of your browser screen – please only follow links from Buygoon;
  • (viii) Do not use any comparison site or any code, link or voucher provided by any other website (i.e. a comparison site, other cash back site, etc.), as the retailer may pay that site instead of Buygoon, in which case we cannot pay you cash back; and
  • (ix) Complete your purchase online, because, if you make a purchase over the telephone or in-store, we cannot pay you cash back.